Soggy Paws Towel

Soggy Paws Towel
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Soggy Paws Towel. Designed to make the task of rubbing down your wet dog or cat infinitely easier!

Oval in shape, The Soggy Paws Towel has two pockets that allow you to hold onto your pet and dry him at the same time. Moreover, the pockets give you the dexterity to access those hard-to-reach areas where dirt and moisture love to linger. When the pockets have become soaked or dirty, simply flip them inside out for additional cleaning surfaces.

While the four-pocketed Soggy Dog is ideal for drying off your soaking wet dog, the Soggy Paws is primarily intended for "spot-cleaning." Use The Soggy Paws Towel to quickly clean and wipe his paws and belly before he comes into the house or jumps into your car.

Loop to enable you to hang and dry. 100% cotton heavy-weight terry cloth. Machine washable and color fast. Extremely durable.

Measures: 10 x 30 inches (25 x 76 cm) - Brown/Lt. Blue

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