Soggy Dog Towel

Soggy Dog Towel
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Soggy Dog Towel. Finally, a towel exclusively for your pets!

Introducing the ruggedly durable, super absorbent Soggy Dog Towel. Rover's rubdown has never been easier with Soggy Dog's specially designed pockets that help you get a grip on your wet, wriggly friend. Slip your hands inside for easy access to ears, muddy paws and bellies. Great after a muddy romp or a post-bath pat-down, Soggy Dog minimizes messes and makes bath time a breeze for dogs of all sizes, short-hair or long.

Packaging has instructional illustrations to show how to use. The Soggy Dogs Towel makes incredible gift for all of your dog-loving friends. Loop to enable you to hang and dry. 100% cotton heavy-weight terry cloth. Machine washable and color fast. Extremely durable.

Measures: 27" x 39" (69 x 99 cm)

Color choice: Blue/Brown | Green/Navy | Pink/Brown

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