PetzLife Oral Care Peppermint Gel

PetzLife Oral Care Peppermint Gel
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PetzLife Oral Care Peppermint Gel. Start your pet on the road to better oral health today.

The peppermint flavored gel removes plaque and tartar from your pet's teeth--no toothbrush required! Made with all-natural, holistic ingredients, Oral Care Gel safely removes plaque and tartar, reverses oral disease, promotes healthy gums, brightens teeth and kills the bacteria that causes bad breath. The ingredients mix with your pet's saliva when applied on your pet's teeth and completely coats your pet's teeth and mouth. This process kills harmful bacteria and loosens plaque and tarter.

Safe for cats and dogs of all breeds. Veterinarian Recommended.

100% all natural -  distilled water, grain alcohol, grapefruit seed extract, grape seed extract, rosemary oil, thyme oil, neem oil and peppermint oil.

Made in the USA. One 4 oz. bottle will last 3+ months when used as directed; 6+ months if used as maintenance.

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