Combo Cat Scratching Platform

Mr. Herzher's Combo Cat Scratching Platform
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Combo Cat Scratching Platform. Decorative, yet highly functional, sisal scratcher. Elegant and practical!

Unique, hinged panel design allows your cat to scratch in one of two ways:

Set flat on the ground to offer an impressive 19-1/4" long scratching surface for your cat to climb on and scratch. Or, lift long-sided, hinged scratch surface up to reveal a shorter 12" scratching pad on its own hinged panel. Both panels rest together to create a two-sided, angled scratcher 15" high overall.

Cat preferred natural sisal scratching surfaces. Choose angled or flat position to meet any cat’s preference.

Decorative solid wood construction. Non-slip padded feet protects floors.

Dimensions: Angled: 10" W x 15-1/4" H x 23" L - Finish: Black | Mr. Herzher's

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